All the World’s a Stage

Posted on: 17 July, 08

The play is being produced by a very small non profit community group.  It is mostly older teens and 20 somethings.  The story is a cross between Peter Pan and the TV show CSI.  The Lost Boys have aged quite a bit, so the director wanted some older adults for those parts.  Enter moi. 

Being involved in theatre is like being on a different plant.  It is a world with with its own rituals and traditions.  I am learning a whole new language and culture.  Fortunately, theatre people are very welcoming to newcomers.  They are a delightful group, full of energy and excitement.  No dark and brooding actors in this bunch. 

A friend said, “Oh, let me know the dates of the show.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”  Uh oh.  It is one thing to do the lines in someone’s living room.  It is another thing to have other people watch.  I had not really thought about having people I actually know watch me perform.  I must give some thought as to with whom I share this news. 

The script is witty and clever.  The young people are wickedly talented.  It is great fun to watch them bring the written word to life.  It is obvious that acting is a passion for them.  It is extremely refreshing to see a group of young people who are excited about their lives and the world around them. 

There has already been talk of costumes.  I see some sewing in my immediate future.  Since my acting skills will not be contributing much to this play, it would be nice to leave my mark with sewing.  It will be great fun collaborating with these guys.  Their creativity knows no bounds. 


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Sounds like a great experience for you and a lot of fun.

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