I. Need. To. Sew.

Posted on: 19 July, 08

These photos really  have nothing to do with this post.  Near the Field Museum in Chicago, there is a series of large globes decorated with various themes.  As you might imagine the big pink one covered in fabric scraps caught my eye. 

This morning, the boys and I attended a memorial service for a 17 year old girl who was killed by a drunk driver.  I have attended way too many memorials for children in the last few years.  It is hard enough to watch adults try to deal with grief.  Watching adolescents try to make sense of losing someone their own age is unbearable.  Today was a Quaker service, which was peaceful and beautiful.  Yesterday, the boys asked what a Quaker service is like.  I said I did not know because I don’t know very much about Quakers.  They began discussing the various memorials they have attended and how they might be similar to the Quaker service.  It reminded to me that my boys and their classmates have experienced far too many memorials, far too much loss.  At 12 and 14, they should have so many different memorial services to compare. 

Thinking of this young girl and her family, I realize have no right to whine.  Perhaps it is because I am thinking of this tragedy that I am not my usual resilient self.  If you are not in the mood for whining, just go ahead and move along.  It won’t hurt my feelings.  On Wednesday, there was talk of Hubski going to Minneapolis “at the end of the week.”  On Thursday morning, Hubski said the trip had been pushed back until next week.  At lunch, he said “probably tomorrow.”  Around 4 p.m. the trip had been canceled altogether.  At 5 o’clock, I get a frantic IM saying “pack my suitcase ASAP because I’m on the next flight to Minneapolis.”  I have no idea what happened in that intervening hour to turn things around 180 degrees.  Hubski was home long enough to give the boys a quick hug, grab his suitcase and switch cars with me.  Enter the next phase of crummy weekend.

We had an appointment to take Hubski’s car to the mechanic on Friday, the only day for the next two weeks that I could be without a car.  He took my car to the airport and a friend helped me with dropping off his car.  I get the dreaded phone call, $750 estimate for the repairs and they have to order the part.  I pick up the car but am told to not drive it too much until the repairs are done, otherwise it will cost more.  Great, so I am without a car, unless it is an emergency, all weekend and soon to be $750 poorer. 

Hubski calls me from SR Harris.  He had a couple hours to kill while some software installed or something and thought new fabric would cheer me up.  It was a whirl wind shopping trip.  I have no idea what he bought, except for Malden Mills Dryline fabrics for $3.50 a yard.  Ah, the weekend was looking up, despite the fact that he didn’t have a return date yet. 

The phone rang again, ominously.  Whenever Hubski says, “What do you have going on (insert day of the week),” I know it means another trip.  He is needed in New Jersey.  He might fly out of Minneapolis early tomorrow, or it might be on Monday.  He is in the middle of a tug war with each side claiming their need is more urgent.  I told him to just send me an email to let me know where he is in the morning. 

This means I need to figure another plan for the car situation.  If he will be gone several more days, I may pick up my car from the airport.  I can then leave his car with mechanic so neither one of us would be without a car.  However, that still leaves the little issue of $750.  I don’t think digging through the sofa cushions will be enough. 

I. Need. To. Sew.


5 Responses to "I. Need. To. Sew."

Oh Teri, I could have written this one. Sometimes things just get crazy and shedding a tear is imminent. I am sure the funeral started it all.
Go sew something……it always works.

Oh Teri…things will get better…i know you know that 🙂 Know that I am thinking of you.

BTW, stop by my blog to pick up a special AWARD (seriously).

Hugs, Pam

Super big HUGS to you Teri…..
I think we’ve all had these times of our lives.
Get out one of your tried and true patterns and make yourself something – you will feel better after a bit of sewing therapy.

Interesting and so true commentary on family life. I could have written it also! I got so discombolated (sp?) last week changing cars, times, picking DH up that I totally blanked out a meeting I had. Grrrrrrr

Sending lots of hugs your way!

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