Posted on: 20 July, 08

My apologies for yesterday’s pity party.  That’s not my usual style, but, I guess it wasn’t a “usual” day.  Pam of Off the Cuff ~Style~ left a very sweet comment asking me to stop by her blog.  Imagine my surprise when I read that Pam had graciously bestowed the Excellence Award upon my little blog.  I have been a huge fan of Pam’s work for a long time.  She is infinitely talented and so generous with her knowledge.  To receive such a compliment is high praise, indeed.  It definitely brightened my day.  🙂

                                         With this lovely compliment comes a responsibility to acknowledge some of my favorite blogs with the award.  Here are mine, in no particular order:

Claire, for her amazingly upbeat and positive attitude.  Life keeps throwing her curve balls, but she keeps hitting them right out of the park.  Reading her blog reminds me to keep a positive attitude.   

Gaylen who is not afraid to show her works in progress.  I tend to only show the finished product, so you don’t see the “awkward” stage of my sewing projects, when things are out of proportion or have funny wrinkles.  Gaylen also knits beautifully. 

Karen whose posts are often brief, but always thought provoking.  She uses unusual fabrics for baby clothes, but what else would I expect from a fellow Metallica fan.  🙂

Isabelle because we have very similar taste in clothes, which means she is the epitome of style.  🙂  If we were the same size, I would wear everything she has sewn.  She also has the most gorgeous cat. 

Many of my other faves have already been nominated and rightfully so.  I know I am forgetting others, which threatens to induce guilt.  Ack!  To all my blogging buddies, please know I that get quite excited when my Bloglines tells me there is a new post.  When I don’t hear from some of you, I worry….so write more often. 🙂  How did we ever amuse ourselves before there were blogs? 

PS.  Oh crikey, I cannot figure out how to add the badge to my side bar.  It is too late to think clearly.  I will try to figure it out tomorrow.


2 Responses to "Humbled"

Thank goodness we are allowed to be human, and sometimes showing those emotions can be rewarding. Glad you are feeling better.

[…] before I explain that, I want to acknowledge Mermaids who gave me an award. I don’t know much about Web awards but what she said about me really touched me. She said, […]

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