Wii Fit

Posted on: 21 July, 08

My insomnia paid off Sunday morning.  I scored a copy of Wii Fit!  I read the newspaper moments after it was delivered, including the Target sales flyer.  I scribble a note for the boys and jumped into the car.  I know I am not suppose to drive it until the repairs are done, but this constituted an emergency in my book.  Wii Fit has been as hard to get as the Wii console.  I actually got the Wii console the same way – saw the Target ad early on a Sunday morning and got there before most people were even awake. 

Wii Fit, like most Wii games, is lots of fun.  Some of the games/exercises will be good for my knee.  More importantly, it will be really good for C’s orthopaedic issues.  It is low impact, yet focuses on balance and strengthening the legs. 

When you first start with Wii Fit, you do a few simple tests.  It calculates your weight, BMI, and your Wii Fit “age.”  Granted, the “age” is based on minimal information so its accuracy is suspect.  We still had lots of fun laughing at respective ages.  You can also set goals for yourself, like “lose five pounds in the next two weeks.”  I decided to mess with its Wii little brain.  My BMI is in the “underweight” category, but I set a goal of losing eight pounds in two weeks.  The Wii did not like that.  It started flashing these messages that rapid weight loss was NOT recommended.  Don’t worry… I don’t seriously want to lose weight.  I just like to mess with computer programs.  I could definitely stand to tone up some areas, but not lose weight.   

Wii Fit has aerobics, yoga, strength training, and balance training. It records how much you do of each and offers suggestions as to what you might need to work on.  By doing more exercises, you unlock more activities.  Of course, it appeals to your competitive nature by showing the “high scores” for each exercise.  My favorite one to watch is the hula hoop.  Imagine someone using a hula hoop, but you can’t see the hoop.  Yeah, pretty amusing.  It may look odd, but it will definitely whittle away at that waistline. 

4 Responses to "Wii Fit"

How cool. I played Wii bowling with my kids the other day (my son-in-law has one) and it was so fun. I did pretty good and bowling Wii style won’t hurt my back like real bowling will.

Wii fit is SOOOOOO much fun! My kids love it…but I do too lol

please keep reporting back on how you find it – i’ve been thinking of getting one but as we dont’ own the wii it would b ea lot of $$ to convince g to spend!

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