Tim Gets Sassy

Posted on: 23 July, 08

The best moment of tonight’s episode of Project Runway was hearing Tim Gunn use the phrase “hot mess.”  Tim was right.  The dress was a hot mess.  Overall, I thought the challenge was a bit boring.  They were suppose to use “green” fabrics.  One designer (sorry, don’t know their names yet) said she was excited about using green fabrics like “bamboo, hemp, and jersey.”  Jersey?  Really?  How is jersey organic?  With so many organic fabrics on the market, this was not a big stretch.  The only real twist was having the models shop for the fabrics instead of the designers.  Whatev.  Being limited to a certain amount and type of fabric is not that big of a deal.  Oh, and Suede must, must, must stop referring to himself in the third person… and lose the blue mohawk.  Seriously.  Grow up, Suede.

I spent the afternoon trying to “make it work.”  I hope to have photos of the finished project tomorrow.  My beloved Ottobre helped me recreate a cute top I saw on a website.


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