Pretty Pressie

Posted on: 27 July, 08

Just before we left for Chicago, I received these lovelies in the mail.  My friend Kate, who I have known since way back in my California days, made them for my birthday.  Back then, Kate was an engineer, doing really complicated science stuff that I never actually understood.  After moving to the Boston area, Kate abandoned engineering for jewelry making.  She is one of those people who if she is going to do something, she is going to do it well.  Hubski and I have always teased that she makes Martha Stewart look like a slacker.  I had no doubt her jewelry would be beautiful, well made, and successful.  She has a website, where she sells some pieces, but her stuff really needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. 

I am lucky enough to get a new pair of her earrings every year for my birthday.  Oh, and the fabric underneath is a gorgeous summer wrap of Egyptian cotton.  I wore it recently with the earrings and felt quite chic. 

1 Response to "Pretty Pressie"

Pretty earrings and warp. Love those colors. Nice jewelry always makes me feel chic, even though I don’t wear too much jewelry usually.

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