The Play’s the Thing

Posted on: 1 August, 08

It is two weeks until opening night.  For those of you not interested in my stage debut, it could get a little boring in my little corner of Blogland.  The play is about all I shall have time for until the final curtain call.  If I am not at rehearsals, there is a good chance I will be working on costumes. 

We were discussing costumes last week.  Thus far, I have taken responsibility for some alterations and a few full costumes.  The young man who is playing Capt Sharp bought a pattern and fabric.  He asked if he cut it out and brought it in, would I help him sew it?  I thought he was secretly hoping I would just volunteer to sew it for him.  At the next rehearsal, he shows up with the fabric all cut out and the appropriate notions.  As we were leaving, I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll just sew it for you.  It won’t take me too long.”  He face simply fell.  He said he *really* wants to make his own costume and asked if I had time to work with him.  How could I refuse? 

Capt Sharp and I began working on his costume this afternoon.  He did a wonderful job of cutting out the fabric and interfacing.  We did not get very far with sewing today because we had to cover some basic concepts first.  He is a quick and eager learner.  I think the costume will fabulous.  I will try, try, try to post a photo, but sometimes I am lame and forget to take a photo. 

He chose Simplicity 4923, with the long jacket.  Thank goodness the jacket is not lined.  He selected a red linen like fabric with a great gold trim.  I am very confident that he will get this finished on time and it will look terrific on stage.

Capt Sharp and I will meet every afternoon until his costume is complete or the play is over, which ever comes first.  πŸ™‚  I also need to carve out time to work on my other costume obligations.  I think all those great fabrics I acquired last month will have to wait a few weeks. 

(PS I stayed up quite late last night and I did sleep a bit better.  Tonight, I got rather sleepy around 9:30, but resisted the urge to go to bed so early.)


3 Responses to "The Play’s the Thing"

hi there! thank you for commenting on my blog! I love what you write on your blog, will put you in my list of blogfeeds!

Happy Blogging!

Teri…. you are such a busy woman…you make my head spin πŸ™‚

What a terrific person you are to help and teach this young man to sew this costume…of course we already knew you were special.


Just a warning – search my blog for simplicity. I hope the fella is pretty skinny. If the vest is anything like the jacket, it needed alot of ease to work. And hey! I have half a box of metal buttons left if your student needs them – I’d be happy to share, since I had to buy them by the pound for my hubber’s vest….

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