More Seurat Than Stewart

Posted on: 4 August, 08

I am definitely no Martha Stewart.  I can prepare edible food.  Some of it is even rather tasty, but it is not pretty.  Personally, I’ll take tasty over pretty any day.  Decades ago, I did some respectable cake decorating.  I enjoyed the challenge of creating a cake that reflected the birthday person’s interest.  When the boys were little, I made some cute cakes for their birthdays.  Life got busy and we started buying their birthday cakes, which were much cuter and easier. 

Today is C’s 13th birthday.  He did not want a sugar laden, plastic figurine adorned concoction from the bakery.  He asked me to make a spice cake with cream cheese frosting.  If I were a good mother, or even a smart baker, I would have thought of way to decorate it weeks ago.  Nah.  Last Minute Lucy here starts thinking of decoration options as the baked cake is cooling. 

C has long been fascinated with snails.  I did not want to do that whole “cut it into a snail shape” thing.  Too obvious….and messy.  I dug through the candy cupboard.  (Yes, we have an entire cupboard devoted to candy.)  I thought about creating little three dimensional snails from licorice.  Unfortunately, the licorice was way too stale.  I did not feel like mixing colored icing, excavating my decorating bag and tips, and drawing a snail.  Besides, that was a bit obvious too.  Then I found the box of sprinkles.  Aha!  C also loves impressionist art.  Those little balls of sprinkles reminded me Seurat.  This was the end result….


7 Responses to "More Seurat Than Stewart"

Well, I think that is the cleverest snail decoration I’ve seen yet. I love the abstractness of it. When I first saw the photo, I thought you airbrushed it.

it’s so cute – i love it!!!!!

It is beautiful – I love it – hope C loved it too!
This is coming from the woman who put nerds all over her daughters ice cream cake! šŸ™‚

Oh I love it! Happy Birthday C – yum, spice cake. I agree edible is more important than pretty. g

Beautiful job! Very well done.

I love it! That’s really subtle and pretty. I’ll have to keep that trick in mind (though I have no artistic hand or eye so I’d just end up with a sprinkle bomb).

Reply to The Slapdash Sewist: Thanks! I have no artistic hand either that is why I was so stunned that this turned out nicely. If it was not going well, my plan was to simply cover the whole thing in sprinkles. šŸ™‚

What a great cake. You can make me a spice cake with cream cheese frosting for my birthday. I don’t care if it’s even decorated. šŸ˜‰

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