Coulda Been Awesome

Posted on: 5 August, 08

Some people think that everything I sew comes out well.  Here is proof positive that it just ain’t so.  We all have the occasional clunker. 

I wanted to make the Kaiku tunic from the 04/08 issue of Ottobre.  Since it wasn’t the right size, I had to resize the pattern.  I won the fabric as a door prize at the American Sewing Guild conference in Chicago.  As luck would have it, I had a scrap of knit that was the perfect the color for the bands. 

The pattern pieces just looked long to me, so I measured.  Even for a tunic, the pattern is a bit long for my taste.  I highly recommend measuring the length before cutting it out.  The cutting was quick.  I was excited at the possibility of being able to wear a new top to my dinner party.  Before sewing the side seams, I decided to do a little pin fitting.  Since this is a children’s pattern, I thought I might need to curve the side seams a bit.  Boy, I am glad I tried it on.  The fabric stretched to epic proportions.  The band that was suppose to be right under my bust hung down to my waist.  The “tunic” was practically a dress.  It was no fault of the pattern.  The fabric is just evil.

This is not even one I can finish up and donate to the thrift shop.  The fabric just keeps growing and growing.  On the positive side, I was able to test out the pattern.  It’s a shame because the fabric was pretty and I really liked it with the cranberry trim.  Oh well…onto the next project. 


5 Responses to "Coulda Been Awesome"

What a bummer. That is really pretty fabric and trim. I would love to see this pattern made up for someone a little older than the pic in the magazine. Hope you try it again with a stable fabric.

That is really a bummer! Glad to see not everything you make turns out fabulous – makes me feel better about my less than stellar sewing 🙂 g

ah, well, that’s the way the stitches go some times! Hmm, maybe you could recycle the fabric into a blanket for your doll?

[…] Kaiku tunic, Design #19 from the 04/08 issue of Ottobre.  Even the ever growing fabric, the first one was not a total loss.  It gave me a chance to play with the sizing a bit.  I curved the […]

What an odd fabric; it seems to be suffering from something Harry Potterish – the expando curse. 🙂

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