Posted on: 7 August, 08

Being an ardent Ottobre fan, I have lots of magazines to organize.  I store mine in plastic magazine boxes. To find the right issue, I had to pull out each magazine almost all the way out of the box to see the issue number.  Post-It Notes to the rescue!  I write the issue number on the unsticky edge and place the Post-It Note inside the front cover so the issue number is sticking out.  Because it is a Post-It Note, I have no worries about the glue damaging the magazine.  Yes, I know I am a bit compulsive about keeping my magazines in pristine condition. 

When all of the magazines are placed in the magazine boxes, it is easy to find the one I want by reading the little “flags” that are sticking up.

I would like to say that I am so organized that I keep them in date order.  I don’t.  I have thought about organizing them by season.  When I am doing summer sewing, I could take out the summer box of magazines, but that’s not the way I work.  My magazines are stuck randomly in boxes.  At this point, they all fit in four boxes so it is not a big deal to skim the flags of four boxes.  As the collection grows, a higher level of organization might be needed. 

The key to organizing is to keep it as simple as possible.  I don’t want to spend time filing things that don’t need to be filed.  If the “system” is too complicated or high maintenance, you won’t keep it up. 

There are lots of ways to organize things.  You have to find the system that works the way you do.  Organizing my magazines by season is a waste of time for me.  Because I frequently hack patterns, I don’t use only summer issues for summer sewing.  I keep copies of the line drawings from each issue in a 3-ring binder.  I can flip through that to find patterns.  Once I have the issue number, finding the issue in the magazine boxes is easy. 

What works for you?


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I live in Chicago and was wondering…where do you buy Ottobre? I have bought thru ebay, but wanted to know if there is a better way or even a subscription. thanks, cindy

Reply to Cindy: I have a standing subscription with Ottobre. I subscribed directly through their website: The customer service is wonderful. They send me an invoice every year for my renewal. I have never missed an issue.

In my area, there is no place to buy it “in person.” Bookstores or newsagents do not carry it. Buying it off eBay is a nice way to try out an issue or two, but, generally, that is more expensive than subscribing. If you Google “Ottobre Design,” you can find a few stores/websites that sell single issues. However, a subscription is still less expensive.

Wow, you are organized. I had to giggle when I saw this — my dad has every issue of National Geograpic since probably the early 70s all lined up in order by date. And, if he wants to find a specific article he can usually remember where it is! I really don’t know how he does it.

Reply to cygnetsmall: The funny thing is I do not consider myself organized. I am lazy. I don’t like to waste time and energy looking for things. I always try to find the “easy way” to do something.

I would so love to have every National Geographic since the ’70’s. Gorgeous magazine! I have no place to store such a collection, but that is besides the point. 🙂 I wonder if some day my children will say, “Mom has every Ottobre issue since the turn of the century…”

What I do with my Ottobre magazines is photocopy the two pages with all the designs on it, put them in those clear page protectors and store them in a binder. That way I can look at all the designs quickly and then refer to the issue I need.

With friendship,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Ottobre IS great isn’t it! I am an Ottobre newbie, and I only have 3 issues so far so there hasn’t been a big need to store my mags yet because I still look through them almost every day! But I have bought some large size envelopes which I store the copied (from the pattern sheet) pattern pieces in, with the name and number of the pattern, the issue and the size on it. If I were more organised I would print up a photo of the made-up clothes to stick on the front, but I am thinking that might take me into anal/nerd territory!!

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