Gross Blogging

Posted on: 9 August, 08

Not “gross” as in “icky.”  There are a gross of days left in the year.  In 144 days, it will be New Year’s Eve.  That also means I have 144 more posts to fulfill my pledge to Blog365.  Can I do it?  This week will be a test of my commitment, or perhaps a testament that I should be committed.  The next few weeks will be quite busy.  School starts in two weeks, which means back to work for me. 

This also means I have posted for 221 consecutive days.  Some of my shorter, more random posts have been on my LiveJournal account.  Who knew I had so much to say?  It has been an interesting experiment.  It has confirmed what I always tell my students.  “When you don’t think you have anything to write about, just start writing.”  There have been days when I had no idea what I write.  I just started typing.  The first paragraph or two would always be drivel, but then something would begin to emerge. 

This philosophy can be applied to so many aspects of our lives.  In a sewing slump? Just sew something, anything, something simple and easy.  Soon, those creative juices begin to flow and ideas flood the mind.  Trying to start an exercise routine?  Start small with an attainable goal, like “walk around the block.”  Once you get those shoes on and out of the house, you just might go farther than one block.  Momentum.  Inertia.  Getting starting can be the hardest part. 

If Blog365 sounds a bit psychotic, try a different goal.  Pledge to blog every day for a week or a month.  Pledge to blog once a week and make it an appointment on your calendar. 

Anyone care to join me for some gross blogging?  Blog with me every day for the last 144 days of the year.  We can all give our keyboards are rest as we ring in 2009.


1 Response to "Gross Blogging"

No No No! You must be mistaken, LOL! There just HAVE to be more days left in the year than <144 !!!!! YIKES ! {smile}


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