I’m a Big Meanie

Posted on: 11 August, 08

Capt Sharp finished his jacket.  It is awesome!  He is so very pleased.  The last threads were barely clipped on the jacket when he started talking about making a shirt.  He had originally planned to find at shirt at the thrift shop.  The sewing bug bit him hard.  No thrift shop shirt would suffice, not when one can take flat fabric and turn it into something amazing.  I tried to explain that I just did not have any more time to help him sew before the show opens.  I told him I would be happy to sew it for him if he got the fabric. 

My phone rang yesterday.  “I have the fabric all cut out.  Can I come over and sew?”  Ugh.  I had to be the big meanie and refuse.  A virus is threatening to set up housekeeping in my throat.  After playing chauffeur all morning, I really, really wanted to curl up in bed for a bit before the long rehearsal this evening.  His response was, “What about tomorrow?”  More ugh.  I finally had to flat out tell him that if he wants this shirt for the show, he needs to let me sew it in the spare moments I can find during the day.  When I mentioned that I sometimes sew at 2 a.m. when I can’t sleep, he said, “Sometimes I’m up at 2 a.m. too….”  There was a hopeful glint in his voice, like perhaps I would say, “Sure, let’s get together to sew at 2 a.m.”  I am thrilled that he is so enthusiastic.  I hate to turn him away.  However, I cannot be sick for the show.  (Not that my part is all *that* crucial to the plot.)  I can get the shirt done, but I don’t have the time or energy to teach someone how to do it. 

The irony is I think he could sew the shirt on his own if he had a sewing machine.  No, I am not loaning him my Viking Lily.  He’s lucky I’m letting him touch my machine.  Not many people are allowed to do that, not even Hubski. 

Tomorrow, if I am feeling better, I might let him come over and sew part of the shirt.  I am such a sucker for an enthusiastic student. 


5 Responses to "I’m a Big Meanie"

Oh my gosh – you are too good. He needs to find someplace to take some sewing lessons. Lots of sewing machine stores offer lessons or even junior colleges offer adult sewing classes. Sometimes people don’t realize they are imposing on your kindness. He shouldn’t take advantage of you and your time.

Aww – I hope you get to feeling better…. 🙂
It’s amazing that he took it upon himself to cut out – I admire his dedication already. If you DO have another session with him, I think I’d suggest he go look at a few sewing machines at the shops, maybe show him the good places to get reviews, and suggest a few brands for him… Perhaps he might take the hint…

He could join too and ask for a working sewing machine. I’m always seeing people ask for things I’d never have the guts to ask for – and they get it! It’s amazing. They even get working cell phones or working computers. Why not a working sewing machine. It might not be the newest, prettiest one on the block, but if the tension is right and it sews a straight and zig zag stitch, that’s all he needs – right? You are so nice with all you have going on to even offer to sew for him. I hope you feel better and don’t get sick for your show.

You’re not a big meanie! You are amazing and so wonderful for teaching him. I think you guys need to take a field trip to pick out a sewing machine he can use at home. (Craigslist or Freecycle rock, too.)

Oooooh, I hope it’s not the throat thing we had here. But you managed a couple of more posts after this one, so probably not.

What fun Capt. Sharp’s sewing adventures! You have lots of patience to take him through a jacket.

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