Capt Sharp Looks Sharp

Posted on: 12 August, 08

Thanks to my insomnia, I finished Capt Sharp’s shirt today.  As much as he wanted to sew it himself, I am glad I was meanie and said no.  It would have taken a very long time to explain each step.  He is a fast learner, but the shirt had quite a few tricky details.  There was lots and lots and lots of gathering.  The effect, however, is quite dramatic. 

There is definitely a weird bug going around.  C woke up feeling icky today.  My neighbor said a few in her house are coming complaining of similar symptoms.  Once I finished the shirt, I just sort of lazed around in bed most of the day.  I watched a little Olympics, read a little, drank lots of orange juice. 

Capt Sharp quickly got over his disappointment about not sewing when he saw the shirt.  I have been forgiven.  Now that he has made a garment, he has a true appreciation for what goes into making a garment.  Oh, and the sign of a truing sewer…. he checked out the seams on the inside.  🙂 


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