Better the Second Time

Posted on: 13 August, 08

In between sewing sessions for the play, I managed another go at the Kaiku tunic, Design #19 from the 04/08 issue of Ottobre.  Even the ever growing fabric, the first one was not a total loss.  It gave me a chance to play with the sizing a bit.  I curved the side seams to give it a more “womanly” shape.  The design is also quite long.  Please check the overall length before cutting out.  It is somewhere between tunic length and a short dress.  With just a little lengthening, this could be a very, very cute dress.  Hmmmm….ideas percolating……

I love the wide neckband.  It allows for a solid to help break up a busy print.  I shortened the sleeves because I did not have enough fabric and sort of wanted this top for warmer weather.  The tunic length is a little different for me.  At my height, tunic length is a bit risky.  I can only wear this with pants.  A skirt and the longer top just chops me up into little bits.  The gathers were eliminated because I felt it made the design more juvenile.

This pattern was super fast to sew.  I think the sewing part took about an hour.  The tracing took longer than usual because I played with sizing so much. 

The fabric is a rayon jersey from Fabricland in Canada.  The navy banding is a perfect match from Vogue Fabrics in Chicago.  Yes, I am insanely picky about matching colors.  Not all navy is created equal. 


5 Responses to "Better the Second Time"

i like it! was eyeing this pattern for twirly girl. . .hmmmm. . .maybe I need to make it for *me* too

I hear ya on the navy! The shirt looks great and I love the pattern of the fabric.

thanks for the compliment 🙂 your shirt looks really great. I agree the black was a good choice around the neckline. This would really make a cute dress. I would think with a pair of leggens it would be adorable!

That top turned out great. I would be nice as a dress. Love the contrast bands. I really need to sew more and quit avoiding it. How is the knee doing? g

I think it would look great on you as a dress…with a short skit underneath (to make it 2-3 inches longer or so) with knee-high boots. YEAH! Rocker chick rules! (Or just sew a band on it to match the waist and neck bindings….but then you lose the versatility…)

Better with pants for school though, I’m sure. I love this fabric choice, and you’ve altered the pattern beautifully.

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