Love Note

Posted on: 14 August, 08

C went to work with some Model Magic to create a fake hand for the play.  Just as we feared, the hand lost a finger during opening night.  Because Model Magic takes 24 hours to dry, we did a hasty repair as soon as we got home.  To speed up the drying time, I put the hand on the floor in front of the refrigerator.  (In case you didn’t know, there is an air vent at the bottom of your fridge.  It blows gently, room temperature air.  It is a great way to dry shoes…or fake hands…without the heat of a dryer.  Besides, it uses no additional electricity.) 

Anyway…  Hubski is suppose to come home in the wee hours of the morning from a business trip.  My fear is that he will accidentally step on the hand as he makes his way through the kitchen if he didn’t turn on the lights.  My other fear is that he would turn on the light, see a severed hand on the floor, and scream.  From a distance, it looks kind of real. 

It finally occurred to me to leave a note on the inside of the door from the garage.  When he parks his car, the garage light stays on until he is inside.  There is no way he can miss it….I hope. 

PS:  Yes, I know I misspelled refrigerator.  I looked funny as I wrote it.  Only after I uploaded the photo did I realize why it looked funny.  Blame in on exhaustion and a lack of spell check on my markers. 

PSS:  I will take a photo of the hand tomorrow.  It looks great on stage.


2 Responses to "Love Note"

Oh, the skill of being able to make a fake severed hand. I could think of all kinds of fun Halloween pranks with something like that. Too bad we’re only a couple months early. I had a visual of your hubski screaming at the sight of a fake hand on the floor. It kinda made me laugh. Does that mean I have a sick sense of humor?


…Just think, one day when you are a stage and screen star, you will have lots of anecdotes for your memoirs. 🙂

~Pam (who thinks your foray into theater is very cool)

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