Sharp Photos

Posted on: 17 August, 08

As promised, here are a couple photos of Capt Sharp’s costume.  There will be more photos from the play soon.  There really was not time for me to take photos, what with acting and all.  🙂  Someone’s mom took a bunch of photos during the show.  Once those have been posted, I can link them here. 

Everyone was quite impressed with Capt Sharp’s sewing skills.  I think he enjoyed the attention.  After the show, his parents came backstage to thank me for helping their son.  They said there are plans to buy a sewing machine, which made me very happy. 


5 Responses to "Sharp Photos"

Great job – he looks like a happy pirate.

That’s so awesome! Handsome young man too.

Stunning – he did a great job – and YOU are a great teacher!

Relay my congratulations. Not only is he Captain Sharp, but in my mind, he has now earned the moniker “Captain Sewing!”. How wonderful that he connected with you and learned to enjoy making clothing (even if it is a costume this time) for himself. I’m sure he will have many more sewing successes if his enthusiasm is anything to go by. Keep us posted about his progress.

[…] Guess who called me today?  Captain Sharp!  I was excited when his name popped up on my caller ID.  Yes, I have him listed in cell […]

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