Summer’s End

Posted on: 19 August, 08

When I found this fabric at Vogue Fabrics in Chicago, I planned to make a gored skirt.  The pattern is very large for my small frame.  Seaming would break up the pattern, leaving just the great colors.  Well, this was a fabric that Hubski held up from across the store and I said, “Yes, get a yard and half of that one.”  I did not actually touch it or I would have noticed that it was way too firm for something as swishy as a gored skirt….unless I wanted it to stand away from my body like a bell. 

I could have sworn Ottobre had a straight skirt with a center front panel.  I looked through my binder of line drawings at least a dozen times because I *knew* I had seen it.  I looked through my other patterns.  Nope.  Apparently, I had only seen it in my head.  No worries.  This would be an easy hack.

The wide yoke of design #7 from the 02/06 issue is so comfortable and flattering.  Moving the center seam to the sides would give me the gored look.  I wish I could say there was lots of math involved, but, umm, no.  I held the pattern against my body and figured out where it would be flattering to have seam lines.  I folded the pattern at that point and cutting it out, adding a seam allowance.  For the center panel, I folded the pattern the other way and added a seam allowance. 

I am very pleased with the way it turned out.  Two seam lines in the front is a very slimming look.  The fabric has just a touch of lycra, which makes it oh so comfy to wear.  I realize summer is almost over and this a very summery print, but I don’t care.  It is such a pretty fabric that I did not want to wait until next summer. 


11 Responses to "Summer’s End"

Lovely fabric and cute skirt. The colors look so bright and playful. Very nice work Teri. It looks really good on you.

I love that fabric. You did a great job. How’s that knee? How’s the PT coming along?

Nice job, Terri. I think it is a perfect skirt and fabric to end the season.

Teri – that skirt looks great – love the print. g

It looks great Teri

gorgeous summery skirt! I may have to reconsider that internal argument I have about using bigger prints after seeing this skirt. This one is beautiful!

Very cute skirt! Hope you have lots of summery days left to wear it.

I LOVE it…and I think it could have a more autumnal look with a gold long-sleeved tee, or holiday-ish with a red turtleneck…You won’t have to wait until next spring! Did I mention I LOVE it?

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