Posted on: 21 August, 08

My neighbor is the librarian at the new elementary school for our district.  The boys and I have been helping get everything set up.  Each book needs various stamps and labels, which makes for very tedious work.  She was at a meeting, so it was just me and the boys stamping and labeling.  We each had an mp3 player and a designated section of the Dewey decimal system.  A particularly good song came up on my play list, Memoria by Nirvana.  I was singing and dancing, lost in my own little world.  As I whip around, there is a very tall man standing before me.  The superintendent of the school district.  I quickly explained that the librarian was at a meeting, and we were just helping, and it’s a lovely school that he’s built, and the books are wonderful, and, and…..  My embarrassment abated slightly when it occurred to me that he doesn’t know who I am.  He will just walk away thinking there is some crazy mom volunteering in the library, some nameless crazy mom.  As he is about to walk away, he pauses and says, “Wait!  I know you.  You were on the committee that wrote the handbook policies and you’re on the advisory council for special needs students.”  Gulp.  He remembers me.  He is the superintendent of an entire school district.  He meets people all day long and he chooses to remember my face.  Oy!  Now he remember my face as very red and my voice as very off key.  Though the dancing was pretty wicked…..  🙂


5 Responses to "Memoria"


oh how i wish i was a fly on the wall…

now you’ve guaranteed that he will never ever forget your face!!! (or your boogying backside lol)

I’m sure the dancing was fabulous! Can’t believe he recognized you! Gulp is right. g

I was thinking maybe he just was wondering what would make a mama jam out like that… And possibly admiring your free spirit (or your wonderful dancing) 🙂 GG

What a better way to remember you; totally immersed in volunteering for his school, having fun, and dancing like no one is watching. 🙂

[…] Remember when the superintendent of the school district caught me dancing in the library?  Apparently, he did not forget the incident.  Tonight, I was working in the box office […]

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