Vogue 2920

Posted on: 23 August, 08

I am trying to use some of the patterns I hoard buy at JoAnn Fabrics pattern sales.  The jacket is what first drew me to Vogue 2920, but then I noticed that the pants are wicked cute.  What better to use to sew a Vogue pattern than fabric from Vogue Fabrics in Chicago? 

Ever cautious when it comes to sizing on American patterns, I used my newly “perfected” pants pattern for comparison.  Shockingly, the fit was rather close right out of the envelope.  Even more surprising, the directions were rather clear.  I love the interesting front pockets and the accent ribbon on the back.  The buttons on the front pockets are actually functional.  The back buttons are purely decorative. 

I do need to invest in an invisible zipper foot.  I managed using other feet for my Lily, but a true invisible zipper foot would make life so much easier.  These pants definitely need an invisible zipper to give that smooth finish to the backside. 



Speaking of the backside…  I had my doubts about these pants as I was sewing them.  The detailing definitely draws attention to the backside.  I feared it might be a little too sassy to wear to school.  The right top will be critical in making these pants work appropriate. 

I reduced the rise by an inch because I am so short waisted.  That put the top of the waistband right at my natural waist.  I like my pants to sit a little lower, so I trimmed off about an inch from the top edge.  The waistband also seems too wide for my proportions. 






The fit is fantastic, as long as I don’t eat a cheeseburger for lunch.  🙂  The pattern called for a stretch fabric, but, alas, my fabric has no lycra.  If I were to make them again in a stretch fabric, I would take slightly larger seam allowances on the side so the pants would not slide down. 






Will I make this pattern again?  Perhaps.  It is rather memorable pattern, so some changes would need to be made.  I would swing the zipper over to the side for easier zipping.  The back detailing might be replaced with some tone on tone embroidery.  The front pockets are so cute that would have to stay.  I might even adapt those to a pair of pants with a front zip. 


12 Responses to "Vogue 2920"

Fantastic pants, teri, the fit and style, great job.

love them!

i agree that the waistband is a little big for you (but that’s what you get for having such a good bod :p lol) but they look fabulous. my favourite part is the front pockets

Those are super cute! As for an invisible zipper foot for your viking – you can use your regular buttonhole foot, press the teeth per the instructions then let them ride in the groves under the regular buttonhole foot ( you know how you would do a corded buttonhole). Really it will work. g

Those are so cute! I love red striped pants. They look great on you.

nice work! can’t wait to see what you make to wear with these. 🙂
you won’t regret getting that invisible zipper foot, it’s definitely one of my most-used feet.

The pants look fantastic on you! I am chicken to use a stripe fabric for pants for myself but yours look awesome!

I LOVE your pants ~ they are chic and fit you so perfectly! The fabric is fantastic too – a job well done. 🙂

Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous pair of pants. Believe it or not, they look Vogue. I have to hand it to them, Vogue has a definite style, and their patterns are great to read. I am surprised about the fit, even though I have gotten lucky in the past. You look great in those pants, and the fabric is striped! How dare you flaunt that body in front of all those who decided to have babies at 40! As usual, great job Teri. I would definitely try and get the zipper to the front, although with a jacket, the pants probably look better with the zipper in the back. Maybe you can shift the zipper to the side. Yes, an invisible zipper foot is a necessity. Have fun tomorrow.

These pants are so “couture”….fabulous style, fabric, and impeccable sewing. Sassy, yes….but also very appropriate 🙂


Wowza! Those are great–look good, interesting style, fit well–the whole package. Congratulations.

These look great! I think the back detailing helps break up the back. I like it. I think a white blouse would look fab with these.

These pants are fabulous. I agree with Pamela – totally couture detailing and the ribbon doesn’t have to be “sassy” unless you’re wearing a corset with red ribbons for the top 😉 I think this would be perfectly appropriate to wear to work. Just imagine them with a jacket that uses the leftover red striped fabric as piping!!

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