179 to Go

Posted on: 25 August, 08

….days of school, that is.  We all survived the first day of school.  Every year, I help with the kindergarten orientation at our former elementary school.  Shortly after it started, someone’s infant began to cry.  In an instant, I had a flash of J as an infant… and I almost started crying.  Questions about bus schedules quickly pulled me back to reality.  Helping other families make such a big transition helped me take the focus off myself. 

As the day was drawing to a close, I almost lost it again.  When C was in 5th grade, he class had Kindergarten reading buddies.  There was an uneven match between boys and girls, so C volunteered to have a girl reading buddy.  She was the cutest little thing and they quickly became quite close.  C went back to the elementary school to visit her a few times.  Every time she saw me, she always asked about C.  Today, I bumped into her parents and they asked about C.  They said how much that time with C meant to their daughter.  I was proud that my son has touched another person’s life. 

Thank you to of you who expressed compassion for my anxiety about the new school year.  The boys came home excited about the teachers and all they will learn this year.  I was so happy to see them and hear all about the day. 

After my post last night, I suffered through watched more the Olympics closing ceremonies.  My opinion only went downhill.  When the people were draped around the tower, all I could think was, “Gee, they look like the Borg.”  In a way, it was quite appropriate for the philosophy of the Chinese government.  The double decker bus part was looking perhaps a bit edgy, but mostly in a weird way.  As much as I adore Led Zepplin (ring tone on my cell phone), Jimmy Page was an unusual choice for the Olympics.  When Leona Lewis started singing “Whole Lotta Love,” I honestly laughed out love.  Again, great, great song, but for the Olympics?!?!  And once again, the costume decisions must be questioned.  London has fashion, yet Leona was dressed in an ill fitting, cheap gold lame thing.  The flashing umbrellas were kind of cool… in a very Vegas kind of way.  What a contrast to the Chinese production. 


2 Responses to "179 to Go"

I remember school days. I always had a special dinner waiting for my daughters on their first day of school. Those times are so precious. I wish I could have some of them back, but I’m also extremely happy with where we are now. My sister is a teacher and I think she started back today as well. She teaches 4th grade this year. Schools up here start next Tuesday, after the holiday.

Daughter starts next week. Your post had me thinking about the differences between kindergarten and now (5th grade). This is the year SHE gets to escort the kindys at halloween and be their reading buddies.
It’s funny, even as far back as kindergarten she prefered to be paired with boys – her reason was that they don’t talk as much and were more respectful. … I know that the boy/girl dichotomy will most likely change this year. I truly hope not though….

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