Not So Boring Basics

Posted on: 28 August, 08

As promised, here is a photo of my latest sewing.  These pants may not look that exciting, but they will be worn frequently.  Sometimes it seems a little boring to sew those wardrobe basics, but they are often the pieces that will get the most use.  The fabric, a brushed woven with just a tad of lycra, is from Vogue Fabrics in Chicago.   

The pattern is my “practically perfect” shorts pattern.  However, I wanted long pants this time instead of shorts.  I prefer a pant leg that is narrower in the knee and flares out slightly.  The shorts pattern is fairly wide knee, falling more or less straight from the hip.  I measured how wide I wanted it at the knee and the the hem.  I also measure the vertical distance to my knee.  Then I connected the dots, smoothing the lines to nice gentle curves. 

Little did I know when I was drafting this that I would need extra room in the knee to accommodate my new knee brace.  Fortunately, I drafted these for a more relaxed fit.  There is enough room that you can’t even tell I am wearing a brace.  That is not the case with most of my pants.  It looks like I need to make a few more pairs for the coming winter.

This is a very basic pant, that will go with everything.   That is what makes them fabulous.  Oh, the fact that they are super comfortable helps too.


5 Responses to "Not So Boring Basics"

Well, first of all, the fabric looks great. The pattern looks even better. What a great fit. Yes, tweaking is usually involved. Combined….I would say you have a great pair of pants. Yes basic, but they really do look great, and comfy. I was hoping to start on a pair for myself tonight, but I got a few orders, so I am afraid it will have to wait. Great job Teri.

Did I use the word “great” enough. It is bedtime, most definitely.

I think those pants look wonderful. Enjoy wearing that ‘basic’ pair out! g

Very nice pants!

Great looking pants. How wonderful that you have made them now when you are going to need some more pants to fit over your brace. I’m sure you can hack that pattern here and there just enough to not look like you’re whole wardrobe is the same pattern yet being able to quickly up your supply of pants.

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