New Look 6828

Posted on: 30 August, 08

New Look often has cute patterns, but they never come in my size.  I decided to use my method of resizing Ottobre patterns on this New Look pattern.  The results were mixed.  Ottobre’s drafting is spot on so I feel quite confident resizing their patterns.  New Look’s drafting leaves something to be desired. 

The end result is fine because it is just a casual summer top.  It is still a bit wide across the shoulders.  That will be easy to adjust when I make a long sleeve version.  I used a piece of knit that was leftover from a dress to test the pattern. 

The pattern is designed for knit fabrics.  In my opinion, wovens could also be used.  There is enough ease that stretch fabric is not necessary.  Because of the gathers, I would stick with soft, fluid fabrics. 

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11 Responses to "New Look 6828"

That is very cute Teri! I was eyeing that pattern, but decided not to buy it since there was no model wearing it. We all know how the line drawing and a model wearing it can be totally different. Glad to see it’s cute made up, I might even buy it.

oh i like it! i don’t think it looks too wide across the shoulders

I really like it and don’t think it’s too wide across the shoulder’s either. Looks like it’s supposed to drop down just a little.

Very cute top. I never would have thought the shoulders were too wide. I think they look great.

I wasn’t going to get this pattern. But after seeing it on you, I am adding to my list. I see what you mean by the shoulders being too wide. New Look is notorious for this IMO. The last time I made a New Look pattern I just moved the whole pattern from the armhole seam up over by about .50″. And it worked! I’ll probably have to do this with this one too. Hopefully it will work with this style. Thanks for sharing

This is really nice, Teri! Good color too.

I just saw this pattern yesterday and thougt it was quite cute. I like the look and I think yours fits well. I find NL runs large as others have noted. Thanks for posting this informtion at patternreview as I have now found your blog.

This top looks perfect on you. I can see now where it is too wide, however I would not have noticed if you did not mention it. I like the pattern and the fabric you used. It looks so comfortable. Great job Teri.

I love it just like it is.

Love your top! My making this but as a dress, and I’m having trouble keeping the facings from showing. Do you have any tips? Thanks!

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