I Do Not Love This Fabric

Posted on: 31 August, 08

I do not love this fabric.  Let’s just clear up that little issue from the beginning, lest anyone begin to question my fashion sense.  It’s Hubski fashion sense that is in question.  He bought this at Mood Fabrics in Manhattan.  In his defense, he wasn’t 100% sure I would like it.  He knew it was a risk, but he was in a hurry and had to get something.  The other two pieces he bought were much better. 

Ok, onto the pattern… It is design #17 from the Fall/Winter issue of Ottobre Woman.  Like Hubski with the fabric, I had concerns about this pattern, specifically, the collar.  Normally, I prefer a separate collar stand.  It gives the collar more support and fits the neck better.  My intuition said, “Redraft the collar without a separate stand.”  As I was sewing the collar on, my intuition was shouting, “No collar stand!!!”  I was being a little passive-aggressive since I did not love the fabric anyway.  I forged ahead with the collar stand and it looked exactly like I thought it would, which is not a good thing in this case.  The collar needs to be softer.  It is also rather wide.  I feel like, with a strong wind, I could fly.

The top will be donated to the thrift shop.  Perhaps someone will love the fabric (because I don’t).  At least it gave me the opportunity to test this pattern before cutting into that I do love. 

PS:  I just noticed the horizontal stripes right across the tummy.  Not the most flattering location.  If there were any chance that I would keep this top, I would have been more careful with the placement of the pattern pieces.

PSS:  I do not love this fabric…just in case you had any doubts. 


4 Responses to "I Do Not Love This Fabric"

Ya, not the best fabric. Interesting top, though. I cracked up at the flying if there was wind comment. I have to pick up the pace and sew some tops here pretty soon.

Well, the fit looks great. The collar does look a little 70’s-ish. Could you use it for a Halloween costume before you donate it? 😉

You are hilarious! Do you think the top would be great without a collar stand and with a different print (or solid?) It looks like it would, to me.

I agree on the collar stand, but man, with that fabric, it would be even more traffic! I stared at the fabric trying to figure out what it’s intended purpose was, and I’m really at a loss.

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