Project Runway Pants

Posted on: 3 September, 08

I can’t believe I have not posted a photo of these pants yet.  Where *is* my head?  This summer, Hancock Fabrics advertised Project Runway theme fabric.  Like many theme fabrics, it is a little on the garish side.  Being the ardent Project Runway fan, I just had to buy some of this fabric, but I had no idea what I would do with it.  Finally, it dawned on me – pajama pants to wear while watching Project Runway! 

I watch the show with my neighbor and her teenage daughter every week.  Of course, I had to make pants for them too.  So, every Wednesday night, the three of us watch Project Runway while wearing our pajama pants.  Our respectively families think we are totally weird. 

Oops!  Gotta dash.  The show is about to start….

Ugh…waiting for Flickr to upload my photo.  Hurry, Flickr, so I don’t miss the show….


4 Responses to "Project Runway Pants"

Totally cute! I have to do that too… won’t happen soon because I have vacation clothes to sew, but how cool is that? I remember many moons ago a friend and I used to always get together to watch Twin Peaks. Remember that show??

Those are some seriously cute pj pants – and who cares if the family laughs at you. At least you are comfortable and semi-stylish πŸ™‚ g

What a great idea! I love the show as well, I might have to make some special Project Runway jammies as well. I am not sure this season has ben one of my favorites though…. Not enough drama…LOL

Love the fabric! What a cool idea – now, can we fit a run to Hancocks in with our errands today…

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