Take Two

Posted on: 4 September, 08

It is amazing what a difference a better fabric can make.  Despite the fabric I did not love, I knew Design #17 from the 05/08 issue of Ottobre had potential.  I eliminated the collar stand and trimmed down the points of the collar.  It is much better proportion for my frame.  The fabric is a sinfully soft brushed jersey from SR Harris in Minneapolis.  I used the wrong side on purpose because it was a darker shade of brown than the right side. 

The pleats on the side seam are a great detail of this pattern.  However, they get kind of lost in the side seam.  I sewed the pleats in place, about 3 inches.  I also topstitched them for added emphasis.  It gives a smoother side seam and helps the folds of the fabric stay in place. 

The neckline looks a little daring.  The top fits so well that there is no gaping even when I lean over.  If one feels too exposed, a little cami underneath would provide more coverage. 

I really love this top.  Can’t wait for some cooler weather so I can wear it.  I might make another one in white.  It would be a fabulous “basic” top to wear with a cute skirt. 


9 Responses to "Take Two"

Oh wow, what a huge difference!! The top looks fantastic on you.

I went and looked at the 05/08 issue on the ottobre site and your version looks soooooooooo much nicer than theirs. You did a fabulous job. The choice of fabric and how you topstitched down those pleats really made a lovely difference.

This is a great top and your changes make it even better.

This top turned out great, it has a beautiful neckline.

I’m catching up on my favorite blogs and totally agree this top is way better than your first run. I love it and plan to make myself one for fall/winter too! Gotta love Ottobre! πŸ™‚

I love your version Teri. The collar looks so much better than the original design, and the pleating is a lovely feature. I’m planning on making this one myself too, although I think I’ll get rid of the collar and simply bind the neckline with FOE.

I just love this top…beautiful!

Wow! The top looks totally different than the first one you made. Love the changes. The top looks great on you!

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