Paid It Forward

Posted on: 12 September, 08

It took me a while, but I did complete my “Pay It Forward” projects.  It has taken me even longer to post photos of my projects. Despite appearances, I can be very disorganized. 

Deciding what to make was the hard part.  Sewing for others who sew is a little intimidating.  The vast majority of my sewing is garment sewing.  It is rather difficult to sew a garment for someone when you don’t know their size.  I also consider garment sewing rather personal.  Clothing is statement of who we are. To make clothing for someone else is sort of like saying “This is who I think you are.” 

Ages ago, I downloaded a pattern for an adorable little bag from the McCall Pattern website.  They call it an evening bag, but it is awfully tiny for an evening bag.  I thought it would be perfect to store little odds and ends in one’s purse.  I know how much I love having pretty little bags to organize things in my purse.  I hoped the people on my Pay It Forward list would feel the same way. 

When I made this jacket, the remaining half yard of fabric was too fabulous to throw away.  I knew a project would present itself for this fabric sooner or later.  I wanted the little zippered bags to be special.  Fabulous fabric is exactly what I needed. 

Another favorite item in my purse is my tissue holder.  With our allergies, tissues are always in my purse.  There are many patterns floating around the internet to make tissue holders.  I cannot even remember where “my” pattern originated because I have been making these for so long.  They are so easy to make, but so fun to have.  Way back when the boys were little and prone to scrapped knees at the park, I started tucking a few adhesive bandages underneath the tissues.  I cannot tell you how often I have been some where when someone needs a bandage.  It makes me look so smart and organized to say, “Oh, I have one!” 

With the holidays rolling around, I thought this might make a nice gift idea.  This would also be a lovely little teacher gift for the end of the year.  It could extra special with a small tube of hand lotion, hand sanitizer, and lip balm tucked inside.   The little interior pocket would the perfect place for a gift card.


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Teri..these are SO fabulous! You lend such a special touch to everything you create.

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