Almost Forgotten

Posted on: 15 September, 08

I forgot that I had not posted a photo of this skirt.  I made it over the summer, but never remembered to take a photo.  Initially, I was not thrilled with the fabric.  It is a simple cotton print that I’ve had for ages.  Long, long ago, I worked a few hours a week for a fabric store.  When they went out of business, the employees were allowed to take some of the leftovers.  So I made this skirt with the intention of it being a slightly wearable muslin.  Well, every time I wear it, people say, “Cute skirt!”  Even people who don’t know that I sew have commented.  Gee, I guess the fabric is better than I thought.  🙂

The pattern is from 05/07 issue of Ottobre, Design #9.  I used bias tape for the trim.  It was very easy sewing.  The wide yoke is so comfortable to wear.  The little pockets are just the right size for my cell phone and a few quarters for the soda machine in the teachers’ lounge.

PS: The absence of the big, black knee brace is not indicative of a cure.  It is just very hot and itchy to wear all day.  It feels so good to take it off at the end of the day.


5 Responses to "Almost Forgotten"

Hey, don’t think I didn’t notice the Sept 7- Sept 10 gap. That’s why I’d never sign up for a blog a day. Other people would ridicule me for month long gaps in my blog. The skirt is nice.

Reply to Dave:
Have you been watching, just waiting for me to slip up? Waiting to ridicule me? 🙂 According to the official Blog365 rules, the posts do not have to be all on one blog. I still post occasionally on an old blog. It tends to be more random than this one. I know, hard to believe something could be more random some of the posts on this one…but it’s true. So far, I haven’t missed a day. However, I must admit, I am sort of looking forward to Dec 31st. Oh, the pressure!

Don’t worry, Dave, we will find other reasons to ridicule you. 🙂

It’s a very cute skirt – did you play hookey today? g

Oh, love the skirt, and love the new blog design!

Great skirt…the color and style is so flattering.

That’s a cute style. I should try that.

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