Every Woman’s Plaid Pants

Posted on: 21 September, 08

Ok, so mine aren’t plaid, but that’s what Ottobre named Design #15 in the 05/08 issue.  I like this pattern, but I have other patterns that I love more.  The waist band does sit perfectly.  It actually hugs my somewhat sway back but does not gape when I sit.  That is rather remarkable in my book.  Overall, it is a nice basic pattern.  The leg is very straight.  I prefer a bit more flare, not a hide-a-small-elephant flare, but a nice gentle flare. 

I am not sure if the pocket is meant to be purely ornamental or if I have freakishly large hands.  It is a bit of a challenge to squeeze my hand in here to retrieve my phone. This is a very easy fix.  I do like the shape of the opening.












The fabric is a medium weight canvas with a bit of lycra.  I found it at Vogue Fabrics in Chicago.  I feel less guilty about buying so much fabric in Chicago with each piece that I use.

I used a scrap of cotton for the inner waist band to reduce bulk.  Besides, the bright print is always a nice surprise on the inside. 

PS:  Someone asked why I am always barefoot in photos.  We have a “no shoes inside” policy at our house.  It keeps the floors cleaner and reduces the number of allergens carried indoors.  Besides, as much as I love cute shoes, I love being barefoot even more.  


6 Responses to "Every Woman’s Plaid Pants"

The pants look great. So do your bare toes. LOL. I would love a no shoes policy at my house too but my dh is the worst culprit. LOL. Part of your text is covered up by the second photo. I tried resizing my window but it doesn’t move anything. I’d love to see the rest of what you have to say.

Reply to Sandra T: Thank you for the compliment…. and the warning about the formatting issue. Apparently, Internet Explorer displays the page differently than Firefox does. I moved some things around so, hopefully, you can see everything.

Hey Teri, I’m impressed with your pants. Thanks for the write-up. Like you, they are a bit too tapered for my taste. I think I’ll try doing up the cargo-style pants from the same issue … minus the elastic at the bottom of the legs.

By the way, the photo of the pocket is covering part of your text. 🙂


Reply to fiona: I think I fixed the formatting issue. Please let me know if you are still having problems. The cargo pants are on my list too, but without the elastic at the ankles. That gathered ankle is a difficult look to pull off.

Love these Teri…especially the shape of the waistband…must try these! Also really like the contrast inner waistband.

I think those turned out great. We had a no shoes policy when we had carpet, but once we started ripping it out – hubby wears shoes in the house more often (Plus the dogs don’t take their feet off when they come in). g

Those are great! Did you lengthen the pants? I thought they were cropped in the magazine. Thanks for the warning about the pockets.

No shoes here, either. DH has “inside shoes” but the rest of us go barefoot. These pants look great on you!

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