Little Engine

Posted on: 22 September, 08

C is on cloud nine today.  Our middle school’s literary magazine won second place in statewide contest.  I have no idea what the criteria was for judging.  Nonetheless, I am impressed because it was the first year of the magazine.  C and a couple of teachers worked so hard to bring that magazine to fruition.  A few other students helped in the beginning, but for most of the year, it was just C.  Towards the end, J helped quite a bit with the editing, but it was always C’s baby.  He came up with the name, set up a web site, managed submissions, did publicity, designed the cover, and even conned me into editing and proofreading the magazine before it went to the printers.  Last week, he created a short video to promote the magazine on the school’s televised morning announcements.  He has put his heart and soul into the magazine.  It is wonderful to see the work recognized and validated.

Generally, I don’t get caught up in awards and competitions, but this one has a “Little Engine That Could” flavor to it.  C is not one to seek personal glory.  He refrains from entering competitions because he does not feel the need to prove himself to anyone.  He leaves the spotlight for those who desperately crave it.  He likes to do well, to accomplish things, but does not like to showboat.  For whatever reason, this magazine meant so much to him.  He did not give up when he was the only student to show up at meetings, even if it meant doing all the work by himself.  For quite some time, I thought for sure the faculty advisor would say, “There’s not enough interest.  Let’s just scrap it until next year.”  Mr H said if C wouldn’t give up, he wouldn’t give up either.  Without a staff, without a budget, without experience, the very first issue got second in the state.  It took a lot of chugging, but the little engine made it.

And, yes, I am an extremely proud mom, not for the award, but that my son has developed a deep passion for the written word.


6 Responses to "Little Engine"

Your boy is going to go far in life. What character to keep going even when others have given up.

This is so heartwarming to read. What a wonderful achievement. I just love stories of kids who keep trying no matter the odds – and the teachers who support them. You are a great mom. I would be so proud as well. Congrats!

I would be extremely proud too! I think you are raising two amazing sons. What a beautiful gift for this world!

Congratulations to C for his accomplishment! That’s such a wonderful story…and personal milestone for him!

Thanks so much for sharing. . .it is wonderful when our kids can see that their hard work really does pay off. 🙂

I agree. What a tenacious kid! Congratulations on raising him right, Teri!

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