National Punctuation Day

Posted on: 24 September, 08

Yes, there is such a thing as National Punctuation Day.  (Stop laughing.  I’m a nerd and I know it.)  Anyway, I was sharing my glee of this momentous day with Hubski and the boys at dinner.  Hubski rolled his eyes and said, “Why do you know these things ?!?”  The boys came up with the bright idea that we should vocalize our punctuation marks as we speak. So the rest of dinner proceeded as follows:

C:  Mom comma would you pass the butter question mark

Me:  Sure comma do you need more milk question mark

J: This is delicious exclamation point

Hubski:  Can we stop this now?

All: QUESTION MARK exclamation mark exclamation mark

My cooking may not be great, but dinner at our house is never dull. 


4 Responses to "National Punctuation Day"

LOL exclamation mark exclamation mark That is totally the sort of thing that we would do comma except we stick to Danish around the dinner table period 🙂 Love National Punctuation Day exclamation mark 😉

Giggle exclamation mark

That is hilarious!

Nerds talk in code… so

“while paren true close-paren print quote I am an idiot qoute semicolon”

would be more nerdy.

OK, even better…

O Monks of Perl and counsel
bow down and hear my cries
my programs fail and segfault
my modules croak and die
the lines of code entomb me
the messages confound
take not thy advice from me
but give me your replies.

That’s from the website:

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