Going to Pot

Posted on: 26 September, 08

I threw a pot today.  No, I was not angry with anyone.  I threw a pot on a pottery wheel and I can’t wait to do it again. 

The art teacher invited a local potter to work with the 8th grade sculpture classes.  I always eat lunch with the art teacher when our schedules coincide.  Today the pottery guy also joined us for lunch.  While chatting, I mentioned how much I enjoy watching pottery being made on the wheel.  He asked if I would like to try.  I said that I would love to do it one day, but only had about 10 minutes until my next class.  Before I knew what hit me, I was up to my elbows in clay and making a pot.  Actually, it is a bowl.  Whatever… it was so incredibly fun. 

He is an amazing teacher.  He centered the clay for me in the interest of time. Then he talked me through the rest.  The end result was a rather circular and quite presentable bowl.  I was ecstatic.  Making pottery on a wheel is significantly harder than it looks.  It is easy to spot handmade pottery because it is seldom truly symmetrical.  My bowl was looking rather round at one point so I opted to stop before I messed it up.  Besides, I had to wash up and run to my next class.  I could hardly wait to find C after school to show what I made.  Since he is taking sculpture, he was duly impressed. 

Now I have to think about how to glaze my precious bowl.  There are so many choices!  Glazing is almost as hard as throwing.  Oh, the pressure!  Not really.  It is exciting to find a new medium for creating things.  I will most definitely post photos when it is done. 

The pottery guy holds classes in his studio.  I am totally signing up.  If we can work out the schedules, C wants to join me.  I am already planning where we could put a wheel and kiln in our house. 


2 Responses to "Going to Pot"

i found that if i could get it centred i was brilliant at it! but if it wasn’t centred straight up it was a disaster lol
(bit like parking parallel really lol)

=) It is fun! I took a class in college, and recently found a place nearby that actually has a wheel, now to sign up.

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