Baby Ears

Posted on: 29 September, 08

When the art teacher mentioned how much she loves baby outfits with ears, I knew I had to make Design #7 from the 03/03 issue of Ottobre.  When she said she loves bright orange, I knew which fabrics I would use.  If she likes bright, I can give her bright.  🙂

The shaped hood and elasticized opening will keep cold air away from the baby’s little ears.  (Squee….little baby ears…)  The size of the neck opening concerns me.  I tried to open it up a bit more by taking a slightly larger seam allowance.  The lined hood adds extra warmth while concealing the seams.  I don’t like hoods with exposed seams.

For the pants, I eliminated the extra seaming details of Design #5 from the same issue.  There is enough going on with the bold colors and the ears.  A simpler pant seemed prudent.  I carefully cut out a footprint from the purple fabric to applique near the hem and on the backside.  A tear away stabilizer minimized the distortion while satin stitching the edges.  To bring a bit more purple to the pants, I added an elasticized cuff.  It will also help keep drafts out.  Ms V’s baby is due in early December so she will need some warm snuggly things. 

(back side)

12 Responses to "Baby Ears"

Great work Teri. I am totally jealous of all the beautiful things you have created. Maybe I will finally be able to get a few things done next month. Great job, and I am sure she will love it. BTW, is the fabric fleece?

Reply to Jeannine: Yes, the fabric is sweatshirt fleece. The pattern would work fine with polar fleece or a lighter weight knit.

The ears are just too cute!

This is so cute. Love the little applique’s.

Cute & colorful!!!! I made a teddy bear version of that hoodie from tan velour, though I paired it with footed pants from another issue.
I’m glad to see I’m not the only one still sewing from 3/2003. 🙂

oh. my… squishy baby things. How adorable! I love that outfit.

simply ADORABLE!!!

Teri…this is just TOO cute!

Thanks SO much for making this because I just
LOVE the pocket detail on the top….going to take a look at the pattern pieces and size it up for my little divas!

…I would have totally missed it had you not made it!

That is SO cute! I too LOVE ears on baby clothes. I might have to get that issue. I just started with Ottobre patterns, ok to be honest I have a couple now but haven’t sewn anything from them yet(blush). But my neices 1st birthday is this weekend and I have an outfit underway for her. Fingers crossed that I finish it!

hey teri,
Somehow I totally screwed up and put my comment for this outfit in your dancing queen post. Oh well – go look there for my thoughts

oh another late thought…… which picture shows the true colour of the outfit? The bottom pic looks almost navy and deep orange while the other looks much lighter. It’s just too cute for words. I want to cuddle it myself!

Beautiful! I think my daughter wants one, but in her size 🙂 from the way she is talking about it, and not letting me go onto reading the rest of my blogs…

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