Wii Fit, the Follow Up

Posted on: 30 September, 08

We’ve had Wii Fit for a few months.  I would like to say I have used it every day.  That would be a lie.  Like most things it waxes and wanes. When I first posted about Wii Fit, there were requests for a follow up. 

Will it get you fit?  Probably not.  It is not meant to be an all inclusive fitness program.  It is a great addition to a full fitness program.  It does a great job of addressing some specific issue: balance, core strength, and lower body strength.  There are very few activities devoted to upper body development.  One could add hand weights to increase the intensity.  It can get you sweating if you select the more challenging exercises. 

For certain goals, Wii Fit is awesome.  I found very little challenge in the few yoga classes I have taken.  The balance board of Wii Fit took yoga to a whole new level.  It allows me to see exactly where my center of balance needs to be for each yoga pose.  The warrior pose is much more effective when your weight is properly distributed. 

With the balance board, a major goal of Wii Fit is to develop better balance.  This is achieved by strengthening the legs and improving body awareness.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the Wii Fit activities were similar to the exercises prescribed by my physical therapist.  The exercises are also great for C’s orthopaedic issues. 

Can you drop a significant amount of weight with Wii Fit?  Probably not, unless you are really, really devoted.  However, if you have physical issues that keep you from diving into a rigorous exercise routine, Wii Fit could be a great starting point.  It is easy on the joints.  Jumping on the balance board would break it, so all of the exercises are low impact.  The competitive aspect can motivate the couch potato to start moving.  Wii Fit could be the first step to a more active lifestyle.

The program keeps track of your weight, BMI, and how often you exercise.  Something about having it documented makes you feel more accountable.  It is also a good way to check up on your children’s progress. 

Overall, Wii Fit has a lot of value.  The activities are fun so it doesn’t feel like exercise.  It won’t replace the gym or get you ready for a triathlon.  However, it will get you up and moving.  Some of the activities are quite fun, so it might get you laughing too.


2 Responses to "Wii Fit, the Follow Up"

My oldest daughter’s friend has this and they tried it out the other night. My daughter said her husband was the only one in a room of young women who was also trying it out. They really want one and had fun on it.

Great review! We recently purchased a Wii and Wii fit. Have only used it once though(since we justified the purchase as a family Christmas gift) and packed it away. We had a blast and think it will be great fun. Some of those yoga and strength training exercises were HARD! Both my husband and daughter love video games but I’m not a fan of sitting in front of the tv for long, the Wii sold me(much to my husbands delight) with how interactive it it. I actually can’t wait until Christmas so we can all play together as a family!

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