Vetur Vogue

Posted on: 1 October, 08

I always look forward to the change of seasons.  It has nothing to do with the weather.  If I had my way, it would be sunny at 80 degrees everyday.  Change of seasons means new sewing patterns! When I was a little girl, I drooled over Vogue Patterns.  I could not afford them and they didn’t come in my size, but that did not stop me from spending hours adoring and analyzing every page of the pattern book.  I was told to stay away from Vogue Patterns because they were too complicated.  That made them all the more appealing.  In high school, all of my formal gowns were Vogue Patterns.  When I began working in the financial industry, I had a closet full of suits made from Vogue Patterns.  Somewhere along the way, the sizing of Vogue changed.  The patterns were suddenly too big for me despite the fact that I did not shrink.  (Two children in less than two years leads to expansion, not shrinkage.)  Then I discovered Ottobre Designs which not fit my body, but also my lifestyle.  I no longer need cocktail dresses and suits, but I still look forward to the line of Vogue Patterns each season. 

This season is heavy on the suits and formal wear.  There is very little for my everyday life.  However, if I had a red carpet event, V1075 would be definite possibility:

V1078 would be a close second.  I like the front better than the back.  I’m not sure about all that gathering around the backside:

V1073 is interesting.  The thigh high boots and color used in the envelope photo gives a bit of an exoskeleton vibe.  I would love to see it in a different color:

V8530 is a very flattering, easy style that would work well with many body types.  I might hack an Ottobre pattern since 6 is the smallest size offered by Vogue:

There are a few other things that are cute, but nothing that totally rocks.  What is it with all the dolman sleeves?  All that bulk under the arm is not a great look for most women.  The skirts with the curved seams are pretty, but nothing new.  Sadly, nothing that I cannot live without unless I get invited to Washington for inauguration.

*”vetur” is Icelandic for winter.  A student from Iceland is teaching me a few words.


1 Response to "Vetur Vogue"

That cream one (the first one) looks perfect for a wedding dress for a second marriage or something. Or would be nice as an evening gown, but not in cream. Cream reminds me of weddings. Hmmm. Maybe I should make it in a deep eggplant for one of my holiday dress options – presuming I’m going somewhere – and I am – even if it is alone! (which I doubt).

Reply to Little Miss: The cream definitely looks very bridal. Eggplant would be gorgeous. I can also see it as a cocktail length. The style is simple elegance. The wrap is fabulous.

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