Can We Just Vote Already?

Posted on: 2 October, 08

I have been fighting off a stupid, annoying cold all week.  My head is so stuffy it feels like a Charlie Brown head, way to big for my body.  After driving C to school this morning, I took a Benadryl which promptly rendered me unconscious for about three hours. 

In my drug addled state, I had the most bizarre dream.  I was at a debate with McCain and Palin.  It wasn’t clear if they were debating each other.  Somehow, I was chosen to ask a question during the debate.  It was a really good question and I couldn’t wait for my turn.  The moderator was trying to avoid me.  He feared my question because it was soooo insightful and riveting.  I maneuvered, attempting to get close enough to McCain and Palin to ask my question, but the moderator blocked me every time.  He feared me.  Finally, I pitched a fit and the moderator reluctantly allowed me to ask my question.  As I stood up, my cell phone rang.  No, in real life, my cell phone rang and I woke up.  I never did figure out what my incredibly, not to be shushed, question was.  It has bothered me all day. 

Clearly, I have watched way too much campaign coverage.  It is time for this to be over.  I have had enough.  When McCain and Palin invade my dreams, it is time to be done with this mess.


1 Response to "Can We Just Vote Already?"

Ya, that’s pretty bad – when any politician invades my dreams, it makes me nauseous. I’m done with politics. I never liked politics anyway, but it’s a necessary evil right now to pay attention to it.

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