For Your Viewing Pleasure

Posted on: 3 October, 08

Second only to sewing, reading sewing blogs is one of my favorite things to do.  I read lots of them, but I am dreadful at keeping up with my blogroll.  I am not even sure why WordPress dropped it off my sidebar.  Sigh…must look into that at some point.  Anyway, since I don’t have my own sewing photos to post, I thought I would occasionally share some noteworthy things I find on other blogs.

I felt I should start things off with a person whom I find most inspirational.  Perhaps it is because she does not fear color and combining prints.  I like someone who is willing to take risks, and her risks totally pay off.  Pam Erny makes a living by sewing custom designed and tailored men’s shirts.  They are stunning.  However, it is the stuff she makes for her nieces that I truly adore.  Ok, truth be told, I envy many pieces, I want them for myself.  Pam is fellow Ottobre fan.  She likes hacking Ottobre patterns as much as I do.  Unlike me, however, she actually gets around to sewing things, not just dreaming about them the way I do.  I want to be Pam when I grow up.  🙂 

Pop over to her site, Off the Cuff Style, to see her incredible work. She also has great tutorials for shirt making techniques. Click here for the link.  Here’s a little sample of her amazing talents:


3 Responses to "For Your Viewing Pleasure"

that’s gorgeous!!

but if you think you don’t sew much i’ve got news for you…. i want to be YOU when i grow up! lol

Oh, I absolutely agree with you. Pam is incredibly talented. I have got to look up her blog. Have not been there in the last six days.

Teri….I am totally flattered…thank-you!

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