Who’s on First?

Posted on: 4 October, 08

We needed to a little shopping in a nearby city, so decided to go out for dinner.  Despite being quite a ways from home, noticed a familiar face at a nearby table.  It was the student teacher from J’s eighth grade science class.  We shall call her ST.  We stopped by her table to say a quick “hello.”  Here is what we discovered in the first 60 seconds of the encounter.

1. Hubski did not realize ST was now a full fledge teacher at our middle school.  I had to explain the shuffling of teachers that took place. 

2. The elderly woman at the table lives directly behind us.  She is the grandmother of ST’s brand new husband.  She did not realize that I was now working at the middle school.  She is tutoring at the elementary school, so she quickly filled me on the shuffling of teachers over there.

3. ST’s young brother in law goes to school with J.

4. ST’s brand new husband was a student of my favorite art teacher at the middle school.  Yes, she will feel old to know her former students are old enough to be getting married. 

5. ST’s mother in law and I know each other from somewhere, but neither of us can remember where.  It will come to me in the middle of the night.

When we got into the car, C looks at me and says, “I’m confused.  Who’s on first?” 


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