Going Bananas

Posted on: 5 October, 08

Even though it was a fall festival, the temperatures were well into the eighties.  To cool off, we stopped for ice cream.  Hubski ordered an orange creamsicle smoothie for us to share.  As soon as I swallowed that first big gulp, my tongue began to burn and my brain registered, “BANANAS!!”  I am very allergic to bananas, as in tongue-swelling-and-throat- closing-up-allergic. My purse is ripped apart in search of the Benadryl that I always carry.  Oops!  I did not replace it after my last unexpected encounter with a cat.  We immediately begin a two mile sprint back to the car.  I always keep Benadryl in my car, but we were in Hubski’s car.  Rats.  I am mentally calculating “Are we closer to home or the nearest emergency room?  Is there a pharmacy on the way?”  We determine home is closer.  I consider asking people on the street for a Benadryl, but decide that would slow us down and ingesting unverified pills from a stranger might get me into even worse trouble.  Fortunately, we were not far from home.  Before the car was even parked, I flew inside to downed a few Benadryls.  I will probably be unconscious very, very soon, but at least I can breathe somewhat better and my tongue is no longer the size of a fire hose. 

A stash of Benadryl has been placed in both cars.  My purse has been amply re-supplied.  If I am not carrying a purse, Hubski will need to carry some for me.  The smoothie Hubski ordered did not have bananas listed in the ingredients.  We think the mixer used to make the smoothie was not cleaned properly after having been used for something with bananas.  It is a little scary to think that just a teeny bit of bananas can cause that severe of a reaction.  I am always careful to ask if foods contain bananas, but apparently I now need to ask about cross contamination with bananas.  An Epi-pen might not be a bad idea either.


6 Responses to "Going Bananas"

Wow, that is so scary! I have to tell you that I was thinking, “why don’t you have an epi-pen!?!?!!?” I hope you it doesn’t take you too long to feel better.

Wow, that was scary. Happy you are okay and all the Benadryl has been restocked.

That sounds scary. Glad you were able to get the Benadryl in time, and good job on stocking up your car and purse. Hope you feel better soon.

My allergist would have asked “did you think about using the epi-pen?” I’d get one if I were you. How scary!!!

Glad you got the Benadryl in time!! That must have been scary for you as well as Hubski. I hope you’re feeling better today. BTW the SMORS shirts look fantastic!

Teri, I am allergic to bananas (and watermelon, cantaloupe, avocados…the list goes on) but not quite as bad as you. The worst reaction I had was to watermelon when I was 10 years old, it is scary. Glad you were able to get to the Benadryl fast enough!

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