The Kindness of Strangers

Posted on: 6 October, 08

The internet is a beautiful place.  The students working on the literary magazine this year want t-shirts to wear on “team” days at school.  They talked about making up a logo and using iron-on transfers.  When I was sick, I searched the internet for a digitized design on a s’more.  My plan was to find a plain design of a s’more and add some lettering.  Most of the ones I found were anthropomorphized.  Finally, I stumbled across this one at Heart Strings Embroidery:

It was perfect, except for the lettering.  I emailed the digitizer to ask if she would remove the text and add “SMORS” across the middle.  In less than hour, the adorable little design was sitting in my email inbox with a very sweet note.  Stephanie said, as a mom, she understood the importance of having the right look when you are in middle school.  She even removed the outline since outlines can be too heavy for t-shirts.  I so appreciate her help with this project!

Tracking down a teal t-shirt was the next obstacle.  The school colors are teal, black, and grey.  I thought the design would show up best on teal, and, besides, I love teal.  When C saw it, he was thrilled. 

Today, C wore the shirt to the group’s weekly meeting.  The faculty advisor asked if they still wanted to go the iron-on route or get embroidered shirts.  The vote was unanimous for the embroidered design.  There were quite a few questions about how I did it, how long did it take, could they come watch.  I was surprised at how many students had no idea what size they wore.  I recorded sizes so I can make a run to the craft store for more teal shirts.  I think I better get these done before next week’s meeting or I might get chased down by an angry mob of middle schoolers.

5 Responses to "The Kindness of Strangers"

how cool. I want to take my brother’s racing logo and have it embroidered on something for him for Christmas. I might check out that site.

Very cool! Great job and have fun with the embroidery….

What a cool looking shirt and a cool mom! I think heartstrings emb is the best. I recently purchased a few of their designs to frame for baby shower gifts. They turned out sooo cute.

Isn’t Steph nice? She is just that nice with everyone she comes across. I have embroidered that design on our “camping Tshirts.” ;^)

Teri.. how cool! ..and how great of you to take on the project!

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