Posted on: 8 October, 08

I seldom substitute for the PE teachers for two reasons.  The acoustics in the gym are terrible.  Since my voice does not project well, I have to yell.  By the end of the day, I have a headache and I’m cranky.  My lack of athletic skill and knowledge is the second reason.  In any class, I want to be able to help the students.  I don’t want a sub day to be a wasted day.  When it comes to sports, I am clueless. 

Yesterday I walked into school thinking that I would spend my day monitoring the students in ISS, In School Suspension.  It is the most exciting day, but it can be an opportunity to work one on one with some of the most challenging students.  The principal’s secretary asked me if I would please, please, please sub in PE instead.  A teacher went to on maternity leave two months early.  The school is struggling to find someone certified in PE to take the long term sub position.  Being a sucker for crisis, I agreed.  Fortunately, Hubski was still at home and able to bring a change of clothes so I didn’t have to spend the day on the soccer field in heels. 

Schlepping back and forth to the soccer field every class period was exhausting, but it was a good day.  The students rose to the occasion when I acknowledged my lack of soccer savvy.  They offered suggestions for activities, they helped each other, they behaved better than usual.  It was awesome. 

The day also gave me an opportunity to see some students excel.  Some of the students who struggle with academics were stars on the soccer field.  I loved being able to say “Good job!” to some students who rarely hear that at school.  These students came alive on the field.  What a contrast to their demeanor in the classroom!

This does not mean I will be subbing in PE on a regular basis.  I am not good at it and I can’t count on the students rising to the occasion every time.  My knee definitely can’t take it. I almost got frostbite from icing it so much.  However, I am glad I did this time.  I don’t know how much the students learned, but I learned quite a bit about them that I can take back to the academic setting. 


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Those children are lucky to have you in their lives. I was a teacher long ago. It is a hard job. Being a sub is even harder. I admire your dedication and concern for the students.

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