Charity Begins at Home

Posted on: 10 October, 08

Charity may begin at home, but apparently, peace does not.  There is a very ardent and dedicate group who protest the Iraq War by holding up signs on a street corner.  Every weekend, rain or shine, they are there.  Some of them bring their children, babes in arms, toddlers, school age children. 

I so wish I had a video camera as I drove by this street corner this evening.  A young woman was holding a sign in one hand that said “Stop the Fighting” in big, bold letters.  With the other hand, she was trying to separate her two children who pounding each other with their fists.  Was her “Stop the Fighting” sign referring to the fighting in Iraq or the fighting between her two children? 

I almost got into an accident because I was laughing so hard.  


2 Responses to "Charity Begins at Home"

*snort* The irony!

This reminds me of an incident I witnessed with a neighbor a few years ago. She was chatting with a group of mothers when her 2.5 year old son hit her 8 mo. old daughter. She reached over and smacked her son and said, “We don’t hit in this house.” He hit his sister again, defiantly, and she smacked him harder and repeated, “I said, we don’t hit in this house!”. Believe it or not, the whole cycle repeated a third time, before she finally hit him hard enough to make him cry and stop hitting his sister… Talk about irony! I wonder what lesson he learned…?

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