Back in Black

Posted on: 12 October, 08

Finally… a sewing photo!  Yes, it is a basic knit top in an entirely basic color, black.  This textured knit has been in my stash forever.  I barely had a yard, but wanted a long sleeve shirt.  I had to wait for a pattern that was very economical with fabric.  The raglan tee, Design #8 from the 05/08 of Ottobre, worked perfectly. 

By the way, photographing black fabric indoors is no small feat.  The sewing, however, was extremely easy.  It’s a raglan tee.  How hard could it be?  The neckline is bound with the same fabric, but fold over elastic could also be used.  Before I put the binding on, the neckline seemed a little large.  The binding pulled it just enough.  I would recommend a knit with a fair amount of stretch because the pattern is very close fitting. 

I decided to post a photo of a very basic item to show where the neckline falls in real life.  When I make it again, I will make a v-neck instead.  I think a v-neck is more flattering on me.  This is a pattern that could be made over and over again.

Stay tuned… there could more sewing photos soon.  😉 


2 Responses to "Back in Black"

Oooh…nice raglan! Now that I’ve seen yours…it’s time to sew one for me! Thanks for the fitting information regarding stretch factor and the neckline 🙂

(oh, BTW, you are most welcome for the free pocket patterns I posted on my site)

Ooooooh, I like the fabric you used. Very nice. Well, if things keep going this slow throughout the holiday season, then maybe I will get something done for moi!

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