Wee One

Posted on: 14 October, 08

A friend of mine had her baby two months early.  While he still has a ways to go, he is doing great.  He was just shy of 4 lbs at birth and was taken off the respirator after just a few days.  The doctors are thrilled with his progress.  He needs to get a bit bigger and stronger before he can go home. 

Naturally, I had to make some things for him.  Ottobre has a few preemie patterns, which are just as wonderful as the regular patterns.  From the 06/07 issue, I made Design #1 and #4.  Sewing these tiny things is a bit of a challenge because they are soooo small.  I also tried to make all the seams as smooth and soft as possible.  The fabrics are small pieces leftover from other projects.  They are such soft fabrics that I saved them with the intention of using for preemie outfits.  I wish I had included something to use as scale in the photos.  These garments are quite small.  The amazing thing is I did not use the smallest size available.  Wow. 


If you know someone with a preemie, please consider making a few things for them.  Preemie clothes are difficult to find and very expensive.  If you have a baby in the NICU, the last thing you have time to do is run all over town looking for preemie clothes.  It is difficult for parents to be denied all those new baby things we take for granted….like holding the baby, changing diapers, dressing the baby.  Having cute outfits might seem a little frivolous, but it’s not.  It is just another way of showing how special the baby is. 

I use to make little preemie gowns to donate to the local NICU.  I am not sure why I have not done that in such a long time.  This wee one has reminded me to use my sewing skills to make a difference in someone’s life.


5 Responses to "Wee One"

What a nice gift for your friend’s new tiny baby. The outfit is so sweet. I will remember your idea of sewing for premie babies when I retire next year. I enjoy reading your blog.

As a mom to preemie twins, you are so right about sewing for a preemie. Your garments are darling and will so appreciated.

These are adorable! I’m sure she will love them.

Those are so cute. Now I know what I can eventually do with my scraps I’ve been saving.

…doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Wonderful set!

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