Scenes from the Classroom

Posted on: 17 October, 08

I was suppose to sub for a reading specialist today.  At the last minute, the office asked me to cover chorus & band instead.  Like the old joke says, “I can barely play the radio.”  I can fake it through a lot of subjects, but not music.  Not to mention, my very low tolerance for people just learning to sing or play an instrument.  I thought my ears would honestly bleed several times during the day.  Middle schoolers have exceedingly high voices. 

There was a bright spot.  For no apparent reason, a girl asked me, “How old are you?”  I gave my usual reply of “how old do you think I am?”  She said, “Oh you are awfully young to be a teacher.  You must be about twenty.”  I wanted to hug the girl and give her ice cream.  With the bum knee causing hip problems, I am feeling about 112 these days, especially when it rains.  The fact that I know it is about to rain by my pain level is just beyond depressing.  But today I walked around with a spring in my step psyche because someone said I look twenty. 


1 Response to "Scenes from the Classroom"

What a sweet little story. Children are a constant source of… eeehhmmmm – youth? 🙂

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