Special Delivery

Posted on: 18 October, 08

Here is another gift for my friend’s tiny little guy.  I like this design for preemies because it allows lots of access for babies with lots of tubes and wires.  It unbuttons all the way so open it up flat and you can lay the baby inside.  You can leave a few buttons open to allow for tubes and wires.  To change a diaper, there is no need to fully undress the baby.  The elasticized hem can easily be pulled up to allow diaper access.  The elastic in the hem keeps the bottom closed so the baby’s feet and legs stay warmer.  The ribbed neckline provides a soft, close fit.  The fabric is a very soft flannel.  I always prewash fabrics for babies to remove any chemicals that might have been applied in the manufacturing process.  I added a little label that I found in the scrap booking section. 


7 Responses to "Special Delivery"

Another sweet little garment; I’m sure your friend is greatful!
I would love to see a picture with something for reference (ie sack of flour, football. . .). My own babies have been so big I have no concept of a premie!!!

Reply to Angie: Good idea! I had fairly large babies too, so it is hard for me to imagine babies small enough to fit these little garments.

This is so cute! What a great idea for a tiny baby. I and my dh loved the little gathered bottom gowns for a newborn. I’ll bet they are especially nice for a tiny preemie.

Very nice present, Teri, it will be greatly appreciated.

Teri, this is a great idea for shower gifts I need next weekend. I had forgotten about those little slleepers with the elastic on the bottom. I can adapt a pattern I have already. Can you give me a rough estimate on the ratio of elastic to the hem? I’m going to figure about 2/3 but not sure if that would be tight enough. thank you!

Reply to Karen: I used clear elastic which was cut 1/2 the length of the hem line. I like for the bottom to gather up really tight to get those little toes toasty warm. It is very easy to adapt a gown pattern. Just add some extra length and a little width at the bottom. I like the bottom to be roomy for those little legs to stretch and kick.

Very cute Teri, and a perfect gift for a newborn.

Teri, I finished my version of your baby sleeper and posted pictures in the ottobre flickr group file. Thanks for the idea and the help with the elastic…I think they make a nice shower gift.

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