Shopping Spree

Posted on: 19 October, 08

Today I bought over 80 yards of fabric; fleece, to be specific.  No, I do not plan to upholster the walls of my house in fleece.  It is all for the soft sculpture unit at school.  Now, it all needs to be cut into 12 x 18 pieces.  I am storing it in the trunk of my car with the plan of using some of my planning periods at school to do some cutting.  I hope to commandeer a couple of large tables in the library and see how much I can cut in a 43 minute planning period. 

The art teacher and I had great fun selecting colors and prints.  It is a challenge to guess what will appeal to the students.  There is no guarantee the “hot” color last year will still be popular.  We had a few specific requests from students, however, we did not encourage students to place orders.  Keeping track of that would get too crazy.  It is always hard to predict who will go for which fabrics.  We tried to get a balance of brights, neutrals, darks, and lights.  I have no doubt that there will be at least one student who says, “Why didn’t get some _______ colored fabric?” 

Off to finish getting C packed up.  Tomorrow, he leaves for his marine biology field trip to the coast.  It is a great trip, but he needs to be at school by 5:15 a.m.  Ugh. 


2 Responses to "Shopping Spree"

I certainly hope you didn’t buy any hot pink fleece – I would have gladly donated it LOL! I can only imagine what volume 80 yards is! Actually, I have unrolled about half of my fleece roll, cutting off several yards here and there to give to friends.

Wow, 80 yards? Cripes. That’s a lot. I still have fleece from 3 years ago I need to hurry up and sew.

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