New Ottobre

Posted on: 23 October, 08

image The newest issue of Ottobre Design us up on the website.  There are so many adorable things to sew.  I need about two months off to sew it all.  My friend in NYC received hers today.  Can my issue be far away?


5 Responses to "New Ottobre"

Ooo!! Yay! I actually recently finished my first ever childs outfit and it was from Ottobre. I love it!

There are so many wonderful things in it! Mine came today, but gee – I need more finecord!

Yes ! “M” got hers in New York City…that usually means I get mine (near Buffalo) the day after…that would be today !!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed that our rural pony express takes the back-road short cut today….!

Fear not — you (and Pam!) will probably have finished 3 garments from the new issue before your friend in NY finishes *reading* this issue!

I got mine yesterday too and I think it’s a good one.

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