A Stitch in Time

Posted on: 29 October, 08

Today I taught the 8th grade art classes the basic stitches they will need to create their crazy creatures.  Even though some found it painful, we went very slowly.  I wanted them to a solid foundation so they can zoom ahead when they get their fabric.  It was like holding back a bunch of racehorses in the starting gates. 

A few had some basic sewing skills.  A couple are even quite accomplished.  Most had never held a sewing needle before.  I had to start at the very beginning.  We used 6 inch squares of that thin craft foam to practice stitches.  On each piece, I drew and numbered dots to get started.  The dots helped them understand how small their stitches need to be.  Last year, the biggest problem was students who used these large, looping stitches in an effort to finish faster.  When all the stuffing starting coming out of their creatures, they got frustrated.  I am determined to get this group started with good habits. 

Tomorrow is patten making day.  A few will probably also have time to cut out their fabric, too.  They all pet the fleece as they enter the classroom.  It is always interesting to see which students catch on quickly and which ones struggle.  Gender definitely is not a good indicator.  Nonetheless, they all got it and can’t wait to move onto the next step.  I can’t wait to see their designs come to life.


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