Nerdland Music

Posted on: 1 November, 08

Believe it or not, there was no alcohol involved in the making of this video.  We were stone cold sober.  Very scary. 

Our little Halloween tradition started years ago on a particularly warm Halloween night.  The dads were taking our little goblins out to trick-or-treat and all the moms stayed home to pass out candy to the 50 million children who live in our neighborhood.  Tired of getting up every 3 minutes to answer the door, a couple of us sat on our front steps.  Then we decided to gather by the street light so we could chat as we passed out candy.  Some of our little goblins are grown up, no longer needing a dad to help them along the candy trail, but the moms still all gather under the street to light to pass out candy, paying no heed to the weather. 

Last night, Hubski and Dr E were in town for Halloween.  In honor of this rare event, we allowed the menfolk to crash our hen party.  It was a freakishly slow night for trick-or-treaters.  (No idea why…weird)  To attract little goblins, Dr E decided to play spooky music on the pipe organ in his garage.  Yes, he built a pipe organ in his garage.  I told you that we live in Nerdland.  In his attempt to establish a garage band, he brought out individual pipes from the organ for each of us to play.  (You can remove the pipes and play them like a flute.)  We decided to put our “concert” on YouTube to share with the grown up goblin who is away at college. 

I know the video quality is dreadful.  That is simply in keeping with the music quality.  ๐Ÿ™‚  At the end, Dr E is using one of the pipes as a light saber because Hubski discovered that one of the really big pipes can make the sound effect from Star Wars.  Nerdland, what can I say. 

However, the best quote of the night came a little later.  Even though it long past the time of trick-or-treaters, we continued to play.  I teased that the neighbors who complained about the barking dog would probably take the barking dog over our cacophony any day of the week.  A few minutes later, we hear police sirens approaching.  G says, “Quick! Hide the pipe!  The cops are coming!”  Now there’s a phrase not uttered since our college days. 


9 Responses to "Nerdland Music"

Sounds a bit like my family the year we got Christmas crackers containing one note whistles and a carol sheet.

Nerds are what keeps life fun and interesting.

What fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

that sure looks like fun! And you say it was “weird” that there were few trick or treaters this year? hmm gee I wonder why? It couldn’t have anything to do with adults sitting under a streetlight blowing into pipes with scary music coming from a garage, now could it? lol

What great fun!! Isn’t it wonderful to live in a neighborhood of families with children in the same general age group? When we bought our first home, there were 13 two year olds on our block. That meant lots of playmates when they were old enough to play in the backyard with friends. It was a wonderful time with lots of impromptu parties that started with a conversation in the driveway and ended up with an evening of fun with parents and kids. Life is good! BTW which one are you on the video. I don’t know if it’s my monitor or not, but I can’t identify you in the video. (Hopefully CSI people won’t be able to either LOL)

Yep, you can’t always get what you want, LOL!
OH Teri… funny..and what fun!

I showed this to Rog…we ROFLAO! Both of us are organists…though he more the pianist now. Rog still gigs about once a month.

I first trained with the nuns (!!!) at the Villa Maria Conservatory of Music when I was 5 years old….little tiny girl at the huge pipe organ, LOL! Then as a teen through college and beyond..played rock, jazz, ….and weddings, LOL

When Rog and I were in HS, studious nerdy me watched in horror when he “borrowed” pipes from one of the Churches in town and brought them to band class for well-planned mischief!

Thanks for sharing your delightful moment…brought back some fun memories for me…especially ones about pipes..and that’s all I’m sayin’ about that, LOL!

Sober?! REALLY?!?!
I am definitely vacationing in Nerdland next year!!

I ditto Karen. Yes nerds would be my description too, however you guys picked a great song! So if you try sometime, you get what you need.
We sing that to our son all the time, not just because he needs to be reminded of those words, but because Mick Jagger is my husbands favorite singer, and we all know it!

That was darn funny.

What fun! I’m an organist as well….have 5 ranks of pipes and the remnants of a 1905 Estey that I salvaged from a church in Kansas City when in HS—1963…for four years I had the pipes playing in our basement, then Mother sold the house and I had to move the organ and it hasn’t been together since then…and that was in 1969. I still have the 16′ Bourdon pipes that were faced in quarter-sawn oak…they form a background behind my little 100 year old grand piano in our small living room. So….should you like flute stops at 8, 4, and 2, and a Salicional at 4….those pipes are in storage here in Iowa…..
However…the video was absolutely fabulous….
I’ve taken pipes out of my collection to demonstrate for my middle school kids….yup,,,nerdsville is alive and well here in Marshalltown, Iowa. Cheers. Ken.

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