Posted on: 3 November, 08

When you are a substitute teacher, having a day off means no income.  So what do I do?  I spend my day off spending money.  Spaving would be the more accurate term.  Spaving is spending money to save money.  J needs a new winter coat.  The high school is set up more like a college campus.  There are different buildings spread out over an open campus.  Changing classes can mean walking to the other side of campus….outside…in the rain…and the cold.  Covered walkways would make sense, but they don’t have any.  A good coat is a necessity, but you don’t want anything too bulky because you have to lug it around all day.  We are partial to Lands’ End coats, but not the price tag.  I had a coupon code through my credit card for a discount.  Then I got an email coupon for free shipping.  Ca-ching.

Hubski and I were thinking about getting a certain piece of electronics for the boys for the holidays.  (Can’t give details just in case they read this.) Got another email with a special sale price.  Ca-ching again.

I noticed the Euro has been declining.  I emailed Ottobre to ask if I could renew my subscription a few months early to take advantage of the better exchange rate.  I received a lovely reply saying that I could definitely do that and my timely is excellent because the subscription rate will go up after the first of the year.  Ca-ching yet again. 

Granted, I spent a fair amount of money today.  In the process, I saved quite a bit too.  With the way the economy is going, spaving can be a good thing. 


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I LOVE spaving!!!

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